First Flight Vodka starts with a Midwest corn wash that is fermented into a potent mash.  It is then distilled five times to produce a neutral spirit of 192 proof.  From that point it is blended with sparkling crystal clear reverse osmosis filtered water and proofed down to 40% alcohol or 80 proof First Flight Vodka. 

That is when the magic happens….it’s then filtered one last time through a system incorporating sanitized sand straight from the from the dunes of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina where, in 1903, the Wright Brothers changed aviation history forever!    

First Flight Vodka is not your ordinary vodka.  Each bottle is produced and filled by hand with superb 80 proof vodka.  No big industrial production plant where hundreds of thousands of bottles are produced every day.  At First Flight Vodka it’s one guy on a quest to consistently offer North Carolina’s best vodka at an affordable small batched price, one bottle at a time.

There are many ways to cut production corners, but First Flight Vodka painstakingly remains to be an ultra-premium spirit that is both smooth and memorable.