Well folks…we made it! Currently, there are close to 200 cases of The Original Red Bottle Vodka on the floor in the ABC warehouse in Raleigh, NC waiting to ship to your favorite ABC store outlet. May I say that it has been an exciting adventure getting to this point. Several ups and downs…mostly ups…have been the path that we have followed to get First Flight Vodka in the stores and on the shelves.

Now comes the part where you, our vodka loving friends, are asked by us, over at Kitty Hawk Stills, to help promote and spread the good word about First Flight Vodka. If you know folks that know folks, please ask them to ask for The Original Red Bottle Vodka in their favorite ABC store outlet and if the store that they are in does not carry First Flight Vodka, or are out of First Flight Vodka, then please ask them to ask their friendly store manager to replenish or to start carrying this soon to be famous Vodka!

My Grandfather always said, “Anything worth doing or having, takes time and effort.” At Kitty Hawk Stills we believe if it were easy…everybody would be making vodka. A great spirit takes time.

Please check back with us. We will be updating this site with news of when and where First Flight Vodka will be available in the future.

Remember…you can make a difference…ask for The Original Red Bottle Vodka…ask for First Flight Vodka…and, as always folks, thank you so much for your continued support and help through the development and launch…Enjoy!